3 things to consider before choosing a toothbrush

Dental health is very paramount for your comfort while attending to daily activities.

Choosing the right toothbrush can save you money, time when brushing and also leave your gums healthy.

Most people however do not put into consideration what they ought to look for before choosing a certain toothbrush. Some tend to prefer a certain brand while others tend to be price oriented.

Here’s the factors to consider before choosing the toothbrush to buy;

1. The quality of the toothbrush bristles

Most people believe that hard bristles are the best to use, this ain’t true as they tend to cause abrasions to the gums leading to bleeding. Soft or medium bristles are more effective since they do not harm the gums or teeth.

2.The toothbrush handle

It is important before buying a toothbrush to look for one whose handle can fit in your hand and allow you to comfortably clean your mouth. It is thus upon you to choose either a toothbrush with smooth or rough handles as this plays a great role in your brushing experience.

3. Shape and size of the toothbrush head

Before settling on the type of toothbrush to buy, ensure you consider the shape and size of the toothbrush head.

Small rounded heads enables you to reach all the areas of the mouth especially on the sides of the molars.

However, choose the shape and size you prefer and what which will help you maintain dental cleanliness.


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