How to cook your fried meals in a healthy manner

Most of the meals are fried in different ways. Whether you are stir-frying, deep frying or shallow frying, fats are involved.

Stir-flying is the quickest and healthiest among the three while deep frying can cause a number of health complications if not controlled.

Here are ways you can cook your fried meals in a healthy manner;

Avoid reusing oil

Fried potato chips are among the meals where cooking oil is usually reused. If you repeat oil it’s smoking point decreases and the meals being prepared thus absorb more oil. This leads to oily foods that can cause several diseases including obesity.

Control the moisture

The moisture content of the meal under preparation determines the number of fats absorbed. To have healthy fats, make sure the food has as little moisture as possible.

Choice of oil

This is a basic requirement for healthy frying. Make sure your oil not only provides a great taste but also offers quality frying. The fat you pick should have less saturated fats to keep cholesterol in check.

Another vital thing you have to be keen on is the oil’s smoke point. This will let you know the temperature at which your oils disintegrates into free fatty acids and glycerol. Ensure the point is above the frying temperatures needed for your meal.


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