3 things all lazy couples love to do

Couple taking a nap [Source/http://silverbirdtv.com]

Did you ever imagine that there are lazy couples? If the answer is ‘no’ then it is the high time of you knowing that this category exists among couples.

Lazy couples are known to have certain characteristics in the way they handle things in their lives. Here are a few things that all lazy couple recognizes.

1. They are expert nappers

One thing with lazy couples is that they take a nap a lot. They with sleeping habits flow perfectly. They sleep most of their time since they have nothing to do.

2. They are nearly exhausting movies in the nearby movie shop

Lazy couples would most of the time be found watching movies. If they have a specific movie shop where they buy movies, it gets to that point where they give the seller a hard time finding a movie for them, having that they have nearly watched all.

3. Food is generally oven or microwave-ready or takes out

Another common thing about lazy couple is that they find it hard to cook on their own. For that matter, they would buy a readymade food or eat leftovers.

They don’t associate themselves with cooking activities just to save them from other house chores such as washing the utensils.