3 things you should never post on social media

In this age, most of us live our entire lives in the public eye through social media. We basically post everything and anything that happens in our lives, making it hard to tell where to draw that line.

This is where this list comes to play.

Here are 3 things you should never post on social media;

Off-colour jokes

What you find super funny might be offensive and sensitive to other people. Sharing such jokes can ruin lives. You remember an incident sometime back where a PR executive posted that she hopes she doesn’t catch AIDS before catching a flight to Africa? Well, this rubbed lots of people the wrong way and she lost her job even before she landed.

As much as you can share your unique thoughts, it’s wise to think through it before you click the post button.

Complaints or negative comments about your job/boss

It’s totally normal to have bad days at work, and all you need to do is vent. However, damaging your boss’s reputation online is an extremely bad idea because you can get fired.

It may not only tarnish your reputation, but it’s also so unprofessional and may hinder you from getting hired by potential employers in the future.

Your current location

Most of us are guilty of revealing our live location when posting a photo or thoughts on social media. However, this is sensitive information that shouldn’t be shared online.

With lots of thieves and creepy stalkers cropping up these days, it’s never a good idea to share your current location. It’s even worse if you have particular people who are tracking you down.

Also revealing your live location is basically telling the whole world you’re not at home and so thieves might see this as an opportunity to break into your house and sweep it clean.

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