Foods that will give your child proper immunity

Certain foods can give your child a strong immune system. The kind of foods you give them matters and have specific effects in the body. Some can dilapidate their health while some foods will help them achieve a healthy life.

Below are the foods that will boost your child’s immune system as highlighted by Dr Alan Green, a paediatrician

1. Garlic

It is one of the many important foods you should be giving your child more often. Garlic is believed to be laced with antiviral and antibacterial properties that soar the production of antibodies in immune cells. It contains sulphur that has antioxidants. You can add garlic into their meals.

2. Berries

Another best way to boost your child’s immune system is by giving them more berries. They have anthocyanin compounds that are significant when it comes to masking the body against life-threatening diseases.

The antioxidants present in them have varied roles in a child’s body. They enhance the production of antibodies in the immune system.

Other important components found in berries include vitamin A and C that support the immune system.

3. Green leafy vegetables

They have immune-boosting nutrients such as iron. Iron is known for boosting the production of white bodies and antibodies. They have other numerous vitamins that can protect your child against potential infections.

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