Reasons why some women vomit during their period

While throwing up during your periods might not be a major cause for concern, it is something that you will probably want to get rid of. There are a number of factors associated with this phenomenon. Here are the reasons why you are always nauseous during your monthly periods;

1. Hormonal changes.

Certain hormones in the women body are responsible for controlling the period cycle. Progesterone and estrogen play integral role that causes mood swing, symptoms and emotions.

There are generally four phases of menstruation; menstrual, follicular, ovulation and luteal and each phase is characterized by different symptoms.

Most women tend to vomit during the menstrual as highlighted by Larissa Hirsch, MD, a paediatrician

2. Dysmenorrhea

It is characterized by painful menstruation which causes vomiting. In the primary dysmenorrhea, this condition happens when there are increased contractions of the uterine and this occurs when the uterine linings form prostaglandins hormones that are known for controlling the contractions.

3. Having Helicobacter Pyroli(Hpyroli)

It is a germ that causes peptic ulcer. It is also believed to cause vomiting during hormonal contraception. Women who have ulcers are likely to experience vomiting during their menstruation period.

4. Premenstrual syndrome

Nearly 90% of women experience this condition during their periods. It affects a woman’s emotions, behaviour and physical health during certain days of their menstruation period. Among the symptoms caused by this condition are vomiting and nausea.

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