3 reasons why your child might refuse to eat solid foods

Feeding a little baby can be a challenge especially after you introduce them to solid foods. This should not make a mother deny the baby breast milk as it contains most nutrients crucial for the growth and development of the baby.

Most babies or nearly all of them will at times refuse to eat solid foods.

Here are three reasons why your child might refuse to eat solid foods.

1. The baby is too tired

Your little baby will not allow you to feed him/her any solid food if he/she is tired. You should not introduce the meal just before or after bedtime as they will be disinterested in the food. It is better to feed them when they seem happy and relaxed.

2. The baby is uncomfortable

Your baby will appear restless when you are feeding him/her solid foods if they aren’t comfortable. Ensure that they are comfortable and also free from either teething or constipation, tight clothes or a full diaper. Jill Castle a childhood nutrition expert notes that any sort of illness or body pain will be a contributing factor to your baby’s refusal to eat.

3. The baby feels too much pressure

When your little one feels so much pressurized during mealtime, he/she will only make the feeding stressful and difficult. You should not force the baby to take the food once they turn their head away from you or when he/she takes time to swallow what he/she has already taken.

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