3 symptoms you should never ignore in children

There is nothing that terrifies parents so much like seeing their children get sick.

No parent would wish to see his or her child suffer in any way.

However, children may get sick once in a while as they are growing.

As they grow, their immune system also builds up, and sometimes the immune system may be too weak to fight germs that cause certain diseases.

In that case, this is why you will see most children having flu or even stomach infections once in a while.

However, these type of diseases are somehow normal, and they don’t usually need a cause for alarm.

But at some point, there are certain signs a parent should take seriously when it comes to the overall health of the child.

Here are some symptoms you should never ignore in children:

1. Extreme sleepiness

It is normal for children to sleep a lot, but it should not be that extreme.

When a child sleeps too much, then you need to take him or her for a check-up as it may be some sort of illness.

2. Joint swelling

Children are known to be more active, and therefore it may sound normal to any parent when their child complains about joint pains.

But this is not something to be taken lightly, as joints swell when there is actually a problem.

And when it happens, immediate medical attention is required.

3. Excessive thirst

Children need to drink a lot of water for them to remain hydrated since they play too much.

However, when your child starts drinking more water than usual, then there is a need to take the child for a check-up.


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