5 reasons why you are still single

You could be single by choice. However if you are not this kind that choose to be single, then there could be other reasons why you haven’t found a partner to be with yet.

Here are 5 of these reasons;

1. You are too defensive of yourself

You have been hurt before and so you think anyone else would do the same to you. You are wrong. Not every person will hurt you. Being too defensive could be a reason why you are still single.

2. You are too picky

You are too choosy such that among all the 10 possible mates you have come across, you didn’t find one you can keep. Being picky and judgemental will see you stay single longer.

3. You don’t expose yourself to new people

You don’t go out there to meet and see new people. Restricting yourself to your circle will not do you any good as far as finding a woman is concerned. Get out there and meet people, you could find your match in the process.

4. You’re desparate

Desperation scares people away. When you act too desparate, chances are that you will lose the person who come into your life. Keep your desperation in check and start off with just looking to become friends.

5. You don’t make the first move

You could be wanting to get into a relationship but you are still single because you don’t make the first move. A man or woman can make the first move; it doesn’t matter as long as you know what you want.


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