Here is why ladies get distracted by ‘shiny’ male qualities

Source: Hivisasa

Most ladies usually get drawn away by tiny things that they might notice in a guy during interaction on different levels.

Some of the reasons for the unfound attraction may be so peculiar and outrightly exotic.

A lady may be attracted to a guy because of that lovely hairstyle or his dressing code.

Some even get attracted to a guy because of his height and voice.

But why does this happen? Well it is for very simple reasons, and here are some of them:

1. Most ladies are not responsible for their happiness

On most occasions, you will see a lady jump out of a very nice relationship to follow a guy with material things or possessions.

This is just short term happiness. Some ladies choose to sacrifice what they have built and struggled to keep up for a long time for short term pleasures.

When the fun is over, and reality strikes in, and everything returns to normal, they find a gaping hole in their life that they may spend a lot of time to fill up.

2. Some ladies follow feelings, not logic

Whenever feelings of extreme pleasure and passion start clouding your judgment, it is hard to get anything correct.

All decisions made will be based on some kind of smoke screen.

While it could be logic that following a guy because of looks is not a good idea because he may change and or the looks fade, most ladies are quite successful in thwarting that sense of reality.

All they see is the prestige associated with dating that handsome guy.

3. Most ladies think being single expels happiness

Relationship status does not in any way define happiness.

Happiness is just a choice. Anyone can choose to be happy in life, and in the same way; anyone can choose not to be happy.

Dating just any guy or being attracted to anyone for fear of being single, and therefore unhappy is a misguided notion.

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