How to end a relationship without breaking your partner’s ego

Relationships come with endless challenges. Overcoming these obstacles can be one of the most daunting tasks in life.

You need to understand that nothing comes easy in this world. If your relationship is not working then you can consider leaving before it is too late.

Here are ways to break up without breaking your partner’s ego

1. Decide when it is early enough

Many people are often tempted to decide when it is the wrong time. If you are not ready to go on with the love affair simply tell your partner. It is wise to speak your mind if things are not going as planned. Do not be too selfish when it comes to ending a love affair with someone who was once good to you.

2. Avoid excuses

Too many excuses can kill someone’s ego. Do not give him or her endless excuses while walking away. Leave him or her with dignity so that he or she can continue with life. Remember you are likely to need each other in future and there is need to maintain good ties.

3. Give your partner space

Some people are always on the neck of the people they love. If it is time to walk away then give your partner space. He or she needs space to decide on the way forward as far as life is concerned.


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