How to know if a girl just want to eat your money and run

Many women are experts at extracting money from men; they possess the ability to never work a day in their lives, but enjoy all the frills and perks that come to those who work hard for their money.

Some men are able to spot the rake and hightail it away from these women without getting burnt in the pockets, others get caught in their webs, because many of these women also possess the feminine wiles that make letting go very hard for men.

So guys, below are how do you know she just wants you for your money? Below, a professional on the matter, Candy, an unemployed kept woman for 11 years who has mastered the art of getting money from men at the blink of an eye, spills the beans.

1. She gives you the same story three or more times for the month. If she tells you she has no bus fare for work, or money for gas and you gave her enough to cover the month and then some, then she is lying, even if she pouts and cries and gives you kisses

2. She is calling you from the hairdresser to tell you she has no money for the kids to go to school or that she has no food in the house for them. Lie! If she was so concerned, a hairdo would be the last thing on her mind.

3. She calls your phone round the clock to remind you about the ‘thing’, and each time she calls the story slightly changes — first it was her mother who needed the money for a doctor’s bill, then it’s her daughter who needs gymnastics lessons, then it’s she who needs an urgent visit to a chiropractor. Lie!

4. She tells you her mother is in the hospital and needs surgery, and when you tell her you hope mom is feeling better, she gives you a blank stare, then a cut eye, then you don’t hear from her for days, until she calls again near payday, saying her mother is very ill and she needs some money to ‘borrow’.

5. For five years you have been giving her money for college tuition and books, but even after five years there is not even a diploma to show.

6. She brags that she has another man whose sole purpose is to provide her with money and that you are the one she is really interested in, yet she is constantly asking you for money for just about everything. This means she has a man who is providing her with money, but that man is you. Chances are the money is being used to support her real man, who isn’t you.

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