Hurtful things ladies should not do in a relationship

When in a relationship, there are certain things you should avoid doing to your boyfriend as they are likely to hurt him.

Here are four hurtful things ladies should not do in a relationship.

1. Emotional blackmail

Most women use their emotions to get what they want from a man. It is normal to get emotional especially during a fight but it is totally unacceptable to use tears to demand something from your man. Some women give their men the silent treatment until they fulfil what they want.

2. Restricting him from hanging out with his friends

He is your man, not your property, which means you do not own him. You do not have the right to stop him from hanging out with his friends. If you trust him, let him live his life.

3. Going through his things

Men hate it when women secretly go through their phones. Trust is a key ingredient for a happy relationship. Learn to give your man privacy and always respect his space.

4. Going behind his back

Cheating on your man is totally unethical in a relationship. Be honest with him and strive to solve all the problems you might have with him. You might get into fights but this is just a test of time. Be loyal to your man.


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