Chinese man wakes up from night out to find penis has been chopped off

Police are now investigating the incident

A man who woke up from a night of heavy drinking to find his pens had been chopped off and was hanging by a ‘bit of skin.’

Tan Nan, 44, had consumed so much alcohol he fell asleep while out with friends in Hunan, China.

In the morning, a sharp pain woke him up and he opened his eyes to see his genitals had been cut off, and he was bleeding profusely. He then rushed to receive medical aid but was reportedly turned away from several hospitals as they were unable to complete such an operation.

He was finally taken to Changsha Hospital and treated by microsurgery experts.

Nan’s penis was successfully reattached during seven hours of intensive surgery. Medics say the blood flow around his genitals is now good, although it’s unclear if the urinary function and sexual function are often restored.

Nan doesn’t know who is responsible for the attack. Police are now investigating the incident but say the victim isn’t yet recovered enough to answer questions on what happened.


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