The risks that come with swallowing pills without water

Some have at one point in life taken a drug without water either because you were rushing or too lazy to get yourself a glass of water. It is a common habit among people.

It is one of the vices you would want to avoid in 2020. There are several dangers that come with it.

Swallowing your pills with water will not only help you swallow the drug with ease but also prevent the drug from getting stuck in the oesophagus.

In an interview with The Healthy, Jennifer Caudle, a board-certified family medicine physician and assistant professor in the department of family medicine explained that the drug is apt to cause inflammation and irritation which can in turn cause bleeding, heartburn and chest pain.

“Medications that are lodged in the esophagus are very likely to cause inflammation and irritation,” says Jennifer.

“This can cause a number of symptoms from heartburn and chest pain to esophagitis, or even bleeding and holes.”

The scholar further noted that certain drugs are too dangerous in that when they stick on the oesophagus, can take a toll and cause more significant damage.

“Pain-relieving medications such as Motrin and Advil are commonly taken without water, and that class of drugs can be notoriously problematic if they get lodged in the throat,” she explained.

It is advisable to have a full glass of water after taking the pills.

“It’s not to say that if you don’t drink anything, your pill will always get stuck. But the risk is higher if you don’t have a full glass of water,” says Jennifer, according to The Healthy.

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