Things women find unattractive in men

Some men don’t care when it comes to their dressing code.

However, as much as you don’t care, be in the know whatever you are donning can annihilate your appearance and make you unattractive.

It is very important to consider the type of clothes you wear.

Even if you don’t want to dress to kill, always ensure that you are at least presentable.

On the other hand, women are more observant, and there are certain things they find unattractive in men

These are some of the things that drive women away from some men:

1. No sense of humour

Ladies like being around men who can make them laugh hysterically just to remove boredom.

In most cases, they are most attracted to such men. So if you are the type of a guy who lacks the sense of humour, then most ladies will not be close to you.

2. Putting on crocs.

Some men love putting on crocs for reasons best known to them.

They are currently the trend, and that is why most of them like them.

However, some women hate it when they see a man in crocs.

To some of them, it looks very odd and disgusting when a man walks around in public putting on the crocs.

3. Unkempt hairs

It is no doubt that most women hate unkempt hair. If you are ever shaggy, no lady will find you attractive. Most of them will stay away from you.


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