Three things that can affect your sense of taste

Sense of taste is one of the senses in human which helps in distinguishing different sensations when the taste buds located on the tongue or on other parts of the mouth comes into contact with a certain substance in your mouth.

The different tastes are sweetness, sourness, saltiness and bitterness. The taste buds give the substance in the mouth its flavour and this can greatly impact your interest in eating certain foods or different flavours.

Some of the things that can affect your taste buds and sense of taste are;

1. Sugary foods and drinks

When you consume too much sugary foods or drinks so often, your taste bud receptors become exposed to excess sugar that any food with a totally different taste element becomes significantly less interesting than it otherwise would be.

This will only make your taste buds detect only sugary sensations leaving behind the other types of tastes making you more dull to them.

2. Smoking or chewing tobacco

Smoking and chewing tobacco are bad for your sense of taste. This is because they contribute to the coating of your tongue hindering access of the taste buds to any meal in the mouth. This reduces your ability to taste.

3. Illness and diseases

Illnesses and even accidents can greatly affect your sense of taste. This is as a result of the loss of appetite or the different treatments administered.


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