3 cheap makeup substitutes that every lady needs to know

Makeup is the new ‘cool’ for ladies in Somalia.

Here are tricks that will not only save you money but also make your makeup stand out;

1.Use of rose water as a primer

Primer is the base of make-up application. It protects your skin from getting into direct contact with the beauty products.

This product is however expensive with a tube averagely ranging from Sh1500.

Nevertheless, rosewater serves the same purpose. A 200ml bottle goes for only Sh65 at different cosmetic shops.

2.Using concealer as an eyeshadow base

Dear ladies, if you are applying make-up on a budget, you can cut the cost of buying an eyeshadow base and use your regular concealer instead.

Concealer serves the same purpose since it will make your eyeshadow stay longer and even enhance its colour.

Simply lay the concealer on your eyelids first, and after a few minutes go ahead and apply an eye shadow colour of your choice.

3.Applying foundation as a lip primer

Lip primer is used to neutralise an individual’s lip colour.

It also forms the base for lipstick application.

Foundation, however, serves the same purpose. Nevertheless, one has to start by applying Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly to prevent irritation.

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