If you notice these 5 things in a job advert, know its fake

Finding your dream job is not easy. Many graduates are jobless. Scammers have taken advantage of the desperation of job seekers to make money from the same.

Fake job advertisements are all over the internet. Here are 5 ways to spot a fake job advertisement

1. The firm has no online presence

The internet has become one of the tools used by companies to create their presence.

Lack of online presence could be an indicator that the advert is fake. Companies have embraced technology in all aspects including marketing.

2. Recruiter’s email and firm’s name do not match

The email and firm’s name must match. They need to have a relationship. Differences in the two could be an indicator of something else.

3. No experience necessary

Have you ever heard of a job that requires no experience? Well, you can secure a job without experience but the advertisement must include the same.

Ignore all adverts where experience is left out.

4. Poor language

The language used in the advert says a lot about the firm. Never waste time on firms with poor language in their adverts.

The language indicates the seriousness of the firm.

5. Payment required

An increased number of con artists have continued to be an issue of great concern in the job market.

Never go for a job where payment is required. You deserve to be paid and not the other way round.


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