3 reasons why men suddenly gain weight

When was the last time you weighed yourself?

It is uncommon for most people to take note of the increase or loss of their body weight.

Taking note of your body weight is important as body weight comes with other health issues.

For men, it is not a surprise that most of them don’t even mind whether they are overweight or not.

However, there are times when a man may lose some weight successfully, but suddenly happen to gain more weight without even realising it.

Here are some common reasons why men may experience sudden weight gain:

1. Taking of new medication

Have you been recently prescribed a new medication?

If yes, then you should not worry about the sudden weight gain as new medication may be the main cause.

New medication in most cases, comes with side effects, and one of them is gaining body weight.

2. Eating a lot more

Body weight is mainly categorised with excessive eating.

When you happen to eat a lot, there is a high chance of you gaining weight suddenly.

This is the reason why people are always advised to mind their eating habits.

3. You are moving less

Moving from one point to another is one way of exercising.

Exercises are important to one’s body as it helps reduce unwanted body weight.

However, when you stop moving a lot, be sure that your body weight will increase.

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