5 ways to overcome phone addiction

It is not a rare sight to find people hanging out, or seeming to hang out together, yet each one of them is engrossed on their phones. They are together, but disconnected but technology.

Even though the intention of technology was to bridge space and time in terms of communication, it has succeeded in creating a chasm between people in the same room. People are simply addicted to their gadgets so much that they cannot notice the people around them.

Phone addiction has become a challenge for it not only reduces productivity, but it also creates a wedge between people. Here are ways to overcome phone addiction:

1.Create phone-free moments

While in the process of going about your daily activities, you may be tempted to reach out for your phone and check this or that. Before you know it, an hour passed and you haven’t achieved anything meaningful. As such, create phone-free moments such as meal times, family time or even work time.

2. Keep your phone away from you

Knowing that your phone is a major distraction, keep it away from you for the time you intend to have a phone-free time. Keep it in another room because having it close to you will be a temptation you may never to resist.

3. Find another habit to replace your phone

A habit is replaced by another. As such, a phone addict needs another habit to replace the phone. Find an activity that will keep you away from your phone for a while. A fun activity that does not involve a phone is surely a way of getting rid of your phone addiction.

4. Delete apps that you frequently use

This may be a radical activity, but you have to do it if it’s the only available option. Delete that game that you keep playing, delete social media apps if they are the ones that keep beckoning your attention.

5. Disable notifications

When you hear a notification on your phone, it is easy to reach to check the phone to satisfy our curiosity. Disable notifications to avoid temptations or better yet put it on flight mode for the time you need to accomplish something.

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