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If your partner asks you to do these four things, think twice


There are certain expectations we have when it comes to dating. Sometimes we regret not meeting the expectations of our partners. However, you do not need to change everything to make him or her happy. If your partner is asking you to do these four things, think twice.

  1. Give him or her your phone password

Why should you give your password? It is evident that he or she doesn’t respect your privacy. You need a woman or man who respects everything about you.

  1. Ensure everything is exactly equal

We have different capabilities. Your partner is unfair to ask you to ensure each one of you does equally well in the affair. Instead, he or she should only give her or his best and then wait for the rest to be done.

  1. Keep a bad secret for her or him

A secretive life is never comfortable. You don’t need to keep secrets that will hurt you. If he or she asks you to keep a certain secret for him or her then you are headed in the wrong direction.

  1. Ignore his or her cheating behaviour

Your relationship is doomed if he or she keeps cheating. There is no way you can live with him or her if he or she is cheating. The cheating nature must be addressed as soon as possible.

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