Five ways to make your lady feel special everyday

By Hivisasa


Most relationships don’t seem to last long nowadays because of a lot of misunderstandings between couples.Most men don’t know how to treat their ladies.

Below are five tips you could use to make your lady feel special every day:

1) Buy her gifts

Surprise her with gifts once in a while.

This will make her feel loved and appreciated.

Don’t wait for Birthdays and Valentine’s day to drop a rose on her doorstep.

2) Call her lovely names

Most ladies love it when men call them using pet names.Call her all the sweet pet names you can think of and this will melt her heart.

The cute nicknames could also strengthen your relationship.

3) If she is cheeky, try to be cheeky

Men are sometimes too uptight that they wouldn’t want to act ‘silly’ with their girlfriends.

However, you could try letting loose and have fun with your lady.There are different couple games you could try out together to strengthen your relationship and make her feel special.

4) Be open to her

Be open and share your thoughts and worries with her.

Involve her in decision making on matters that concern your relationship.

Most ladies feel special when you do this.

It will also build trust among the two of you.

5) Always say sorry when you do wrong

Most men rarely say sorry.

Sorry shows that you love and appreciate her, and that you are willing to make the relationship work.

Make her special today and every day.

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