3 ways women drive potential men away unknowingly

Most people always find themselves single unwillingly due to their uncontrolled habits.

As a woman, if your relationships never last long enough, then there is something wrong somewhere.

These problems differ from one lady to another since people behave differently.

However, there are common habits most ladies have that automatically drive men around them away.

Here are three habits some ladies have that could drive potential men away:

1. You’re not independent

For a lasting relationship, men prefer independent women.

When you have an independent woman by your side, together you can build an empire because you support each other through every situation in life.

Women who are not independent rely entirely on their men hence men easily give up on such relationships.

If you want to keep a man, you need to prove that you can take care of your personal issues.

2. Being a drama queen

Too much drama in a relationship will automatically kill the mood of the man you are dating.

Men don’t like dating drama queens.

Most of them prefer peaceful relationships for their wellbeing.

3. Talking about marriage and children too soon

Men love to take things at their own pace. As a woman, talking about marriage or plans of having children with your man might give him a second thought.

Marriage is a big step in someone’s life because it is a lifetime commitment.

Hence, for a woman to keep her man, she should avoid such discussions.

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