3 things you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask your woman

Men often dare to suffer just to maintain their ‘manly’ status. The society today has made men feel unmanly for doing certain things especially relating to their relationships.

Men should understand that it is okay to follow what they believe in and don’t just go by the standards set by society.

Here are three things you shouldn’t be ashamed of asking or saying to your wife.

1. Ask her before you head out

Men believe they shouldn’t consult their wives before they do certain things. For the respect and honour you have for your wife, it is advisable that you inform her of what you are about to do or where you are heading out to on a weekend. You care about her and you wouldn’t want to act like you don’t care about what she thinks.

You can’t just walk out on a Saturday morning and come back in the evening yet you never communicated to her where you went. It’s called respect and honor, and believe me it won’t hurt your marriage. It will strengthen it instead.

2. Ask her if you can help with house chores

Your wife could be dying to ask you for help with house chores because she is being overwhelmed. It isn’t a bad thing to help her with some chores because we all get tired and exhausted when we do too much work.

If you believe you are part of her and part of the family, of course, you will resolve to help her get some work done; like cleaning the floors and windows. It is also important to help her with the baby.

3. Helping hold her handbag or purse

The society has made men perceive helping their wives carry their handbags as a bad thing. The truth is there is absolutely nothing wrong with helping her carry the bag should need be.

It won’t kill you to hold her bag for a short while. Additionally, helping her with this has some elements of romance. It won’t make you feel less of a man.


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