Never say these four things during a job interview

Passing a job interview is not an uphill task as long as you are prepared.

Some job seekers lose during interviews because of saying things they are not supposed to reveal.

You need to be careful with everything you say when it comes to interviews.

The panel could use your words to deny you the job.

Never say these four things during a job interview:

1. I have a side job

Every employer wants someone who is committed to his or her work.

Unless you are looking for a part-time job, never reveal such a thing to the recruiting panel.

The side job is likely to interfere with your performance at the new station.

2. My last boss was horrible

Do not make negative comments about your last boss.

Even it is true he or she was not good, ignore that during an interview.

Criticising your former boss will only send a bad message to the interviewers.

3. I want to see the money

Some people often ask for their salaries even before they pass an interview.

Do not make such a grave mistake.

The recruiting panel will think you are only interested in the pay and not the job.

4. Do you give allowances for vacation?

How do you ask for allowance before you are hired?

The interviewers look for someone who can create a positive impact at the workplace and not fun lover.

You will surely be sent home if you dare say something close to this.

Source: Hivisasa

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