Misery as woman dies hours after posting suicidal note on Facebook

A woman by the name Millicent Kithinji has passed on. It is alleged Kithinji a mother of one took her own life.

On Thursday, she took to her Facebook account to share what can be seen as suicidal a note addressed to her young daughter and another note addressed to her dad.

In both notices, she asked the addressed person to forgive her for what she was about to do, taking her own life.

“My love ….words are hard to form a perfect clause to express the love I have for you.i have fought the battle but seems like am being defeated ..I only pray that God may give you guidance, love and comfort. mom still loves you and will always love you.kindly do forgive me,” she posted while addressing her daughter.

She shared another post while captioning a picture of her dad, asking the dad to forgive her.

“Dad sorry but can’t be able to break the news hope you will forgive me,” she posted.

A quick scan from her Facebook timeline reveals the young lady was going through depression. She had shared with friends how life had become too unbearable for her.

She was staying at a friend’s place in Meru after she separated with her husband. She revealed to a friend that afterlife was too hard for her she had to go back to her parents, unfortunately, her ever drunkard dad kept on lecturing her on a daily basis which triggered her to seek refuge from a friend.

Her friends have flooded her timeline with messages of condolences, which include:

Liz Wanyua: Millicent Millie Kithinji I woke up today morning to this sad news of your demise its so hard to believe ….. I admit I have failed as a friend since i always saw your alarming posts but it never crossed my mind it can get to this point ….am so sorry,i am sorry again ….and thank you for the lesson …. Safiri salama Milly… suicide has robbed us another young beautiful soul…

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