5 uncommon facts about the human brain that will amaze you

The human brain is one of the most important organs in the body. It is through the brain that we memorise, learn new things, think and reason.

Here are five interesting facts about the human brain;

1. It’s heavier than you might think

The human brain weighs approximately 3 pounds(1.4kg) in adults. It tends to be larger in males than in females. Additionally, it is made of a lot of fats.

2. It’s mostly water

The human brain is made of mostly water. This does mean it is flooded with water but it has high water content. Other components are blood, proteins and fats. This means dehydration can make it work poorly.

3. It can’t actually feel pain

Unlike the skin or any other part of the body, the brain does not feel any pain. This is because there are no pain receptors in the brain although it is the organ that detects pain.

4. Your brain activity is as unique as your fingerprint

Using a scan called fMRI, scientists have discovered that one’s brain activity is as unique as their fingerprints. Your deep thoughts could be different from that of the other persons although they can relate.

5. Alcohol doesn’t make you forget anything

When someone is drunk, it doesn’t translate to losing some memories. When you get blackout drunk, your brain only becomes unable to create new memories but does not lose any.


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