Things never to accept in a relationship

Relationships come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. A relationship should involve a process and it’s more important to evolve your relationship forward instead of worrying about creating a ‘perfect’ relationship.

Whether a relationship is romantic, platonic or familial, there are some things that should never be tolerated in a relationship. A lot of people don’t know what a healthy relationship looks like, which means that they can be prone to falling into unhealthy relationships of all kinds.

Here are some of the things you should not tolerate.

1. A controlling partner

Relationships are built on trust. When there’s a lack of trust, the relationship is going to start falling apart. Partners who are extremely controlling and demanding and they are always expecting their wishes to be followed since they think it’s of more significant than your opinion then never tolerate that.

2. Negativity

Not everyone can be positive at all times. There are times where people feel low in their lives. But a relationship that is devoid of positivity is a relationship that no one should have to deal with. A consistently negative partner will eventually start to seep into the way that they treat their significant other, which will be bound to be just as negative as the rest of their outlook. Settling for a partner with a negative outlook will only bring you down.

3. Emotionally unavailable

People get into relationship because they want to share their lives with another person. Getting into a relationship with someone who is emotionally unavailable really sucks since they don’t up your best interest in their mind-In fact they may never be interested in your emotions at all, but rather a financial gain or sexual gratification. Lack of emotional reciprocation should never be tolerated.

4. Irresponsibility

A partner who shirks their share of the chores spends recklessly and doesn’t take responsibility for their actions should have to deal with in a relationship. If one person in the relationship isn’t ready to face adulthood and all the responsibilities that come with it, then neither are they ready to commit to a relationship.

5. Unsupportiveness

A red flag in any relationship is a partner who gets jealous of their significant other’s success, or a partner who tries to keep their significant other from achieving their goals. A healthy relationship includes partners who are supportive of one another, not partners who try to sabotage one another.Never accept a relationship where your partner doesn’t support your dreams and goals in life.

6. Neediness

The Desire to feel loved and wanted is perfectly normal in most relationships. However when that desire turns into a controlling neediness, it can make one partner feel overwhelmed. Neediness can destroy romantic relationships, compromise professional opportunities and contribute to a cycle of frustration, depression and dissatisfaction. Everyone deserves to feel as if they’re an equal, not a caretaker.

7. Breaching trust

If your partner is going around telling everyone the things you’ve told them in private, or sneaking in your private things like your phone or your computer, then that’s isn’t okay by any means. Partners should have mutual trust within one another and respect for each other’s belongings and private matters. Someone should be able to trust their partners and not betray them.

8. Bad listener

Communication is the backbone of every relationship. Without it, most relationships face a plethora of problems. Maintaining open lines of communication is so important, and a strong relationship allows each individual to express themselves with a partner who listens and promotes further communication.

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