3 things every man is worried about on his first date

One of the worst things that can happen during your first date is failing to meet a woman’s expectations. Most men appear confident from the outside, but they are worried inside.

You have to be confident in order to win her heart on the first date. An inferior man will not manage to hide his weaknesses the first time he meets a woman.

1. How to behave during the date

Women have expectations when doing for dates. Some acts of being a gentleman can make a man appear to be stooping too low.   A good number of men fake it until they make it.

However, their real character often comes out after some time. A man must learn how to behave before she meets a woman for the first time.

2. Body smell

Men always ask themselves whether the woman is comfortable with their smell. Some of them opt to use powerful perfumes to smell nice. However, you never know how the woman is going to take the same. Some women do not like men who apply perfumes on their bodies.

3. Hair appearance

The look of a man’s hair can be a point of concern on the first date. Men often get troubled on whether the woman will love the appearance of their hair.

There are women who love short hair while others are okay with long hair.  Some men even go to the point of asking their women whether the choice of hairstyle so that they avoid embarrassment.

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